Which “Golden Girls” actress was the oldest?

Which “Golden Girls” actress was the oldest?

Betty White
Rue McClanahan
Bea Arthur
Estelle Getty

Although the sweet, naïve Rose Nylund wasn’t the oldest among her Golden Girl characters, Betty White, who played Rose for eight years, was the oldest cast member on the show “Golden Girls.” White was 63 years old when the series began in 1985 and 70 when it ended in 1992. Sophia Petrillo was the oldest among the four characters, written to be 79 at the start of the series and 86 by its end. In a strange twist though, Estelle Getty, the actress that played Sophia, was only 62 when she first portrayed her character. This not only made her much younger than her character, but even a year younger than Bea Arthur, who played her on-screen daughter.

The correct answer is Betty White.

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