Which Arthurian character is featured in “Dante’s Inferno”?

Trivia: Which Arthurian character is featured in “Dante’s Inferno”?

Uther Pendragon
Sir Lancelot

The correct answer is Mordred

So why is this answer correct? : In “Dante’s Inferno,” Dante accompanies Virgil to the ninth circle of Hell, which is reserved for traitors. In the text, he personally witnesses Mordred frozen to his neck in ice for acts of treachery against members of their own families. In some legends, Mordred is King Arthur’s son, while in others, he is depicted as Arthur’s nephew. In either case, his continual attempts to take the throne from Arthur, the rightful king of Camelot, was enough to make author Dante Alighieri think of him as a traitor, and condemn him to the final circle of Hell in writing.

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