[Solved]: Google Pizza Game Answers

Google Pizza Game Answers

Today’s Google Doodle asks users to play an interactive pizza game but some people want to know why pizza is being celebrated on December 6th.

So, why has Google dedicated a specific day to pizza? Here’s how to play the game.

How to play the pizza game
The pizza game includes 11 different levels where users need to cut pizzas according to customers’ requests in order to get to the next stage.

Each pizza, which is based on some of the people’s most favorite toppings, needs to be sliced based on the pizza ordered. The interactive game starts with classics such as Margherita and pepperoni before moving to Hawaiian and teriyaki mayonnaise and ending with a dessert pizza.
In order to play the game right, users need to cut the pizza into a certain number of slices and make sure toppings are included as per customers’ orders.

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