[Solved] Who ruled Rome after Julius Caesar’s death?

The Quiz: Who ruled Rome after Julius Caesar’s death?

A His enemy Cassius
B A political trio
C His friend Marcus Junius Brutus

Civil wars broke out in Rome in the days and years that followed the death of Caesar. A political alliance of three powerful figures filled the void: Mark Antony, Marcus Aemilius Lepidus, and Octavius. Known as the Second Triumvirate, these three defeated Caesar’s killers before breaking into hostility themselves. Caesar’s grandnephew Octavius would force Lepidus into exile. Mark Antony, meanwhile, married Caesar’s lover, Cleopatra, and used Egypt as a base to challenge Octavius. But Octavius defeated Antony and Cleopatra to become the first ruler of the Roman Empire, taking the title Augustus Caesar.

The correct answer to this quiz is A political trio.

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