Royale High Lucky Halo 2021 Answers

Royale High Lucky Halo 2021 Answers

These are all the correct fountain stories answers for the Lucky halo 2021

Detective Story: Answer C
Activity Stands: Answers A or C
Cupid’s Arrows: Answer A
Help a Butler: Answer A
Frosting Explosion: Answer B
Free Teddy: Answers B or D
Pastry Dessert: Answer B

Flower’s Nymph: Answers B or d
Princess Valerie / Dark Cupid: Answer C
Penguin & a Stone: Answer A
Toothpaste: Answer B
Buy something at the festival: Answers A or C
Crying Cupid: Answer C
Unicorn Horn: Answer A
Pick a Rose: Answer B
Busy Cupid: Answer C

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