Gun Fighting Riddle

Riddle: Kangwa, Rafael and Ferdinand plans for gun fighting.
They each get a gun and take turns shooting at each other until only one person is left.
History suggests:
Kangwa hits his shot 1/3 of the time, gets to shoot first.
Rafael, hits his shot 2/3 of the time, gets to shoot next if still living.
Ferdinand having perfect record at shooting(100% accuracy) shoots last , if alive.
The cycle repeats. If you are Kangwa, where should you shoot first for the highest chance of survival?

The answer: Riddles have always been a popular form of brain training fun.
You may be seen the “Gun Fighting” a riddle on the Internet or on social media and have been struggling with its answer for a while.

Gun Fighting Riddle

This riddle has been around for some time on internet platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp, and many people still argue over what the answer might be, as there are many possibilities.

He should shoot at the ground.

If Kangwa shoots the ground, it is Rafael’s turn. Rafael would rather shoot at Ferdinand than Kangwa, because he is better.

If Rafael kills Ferdinand, it is just Kangwa and Rafael left, giving Kangwa a fair chance of winning.
If Rafael does not kill Ferdinand, it is Ferdinand’s turn. He would rather shoot at Rafael and will definitely kill him. Even though it is now Kangwa against Ferdinand, Kangwa has a better chance of winning than before.

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