Bing chemistry quiz answer

Bing chemistry quiz tıday answer

‘H’ is one of the most important elements in the periodic table. What is it?
A Hydrogen
B Helium
C Holmium
The correct answer is Hydrogen.

In chemistry, what is a mole?
A An element only found underground
B An unknown chemical agent
C A unit of measurement
The correct answer is A unit of measurement.
Which famed chemist won Nobel Prizes for both chemistry and physics?
A Dmitri Mendeleev
B Marie Curie
C Antoine Levoisier
The correct answer is Marie Curie.

The nation of Argentina gets its name from the Latin for…
A Lead
B Silver
C Argon
The correct answer is Silver.
The surface of Pluto is 98% what?
A Nitrogen
B Plutonium
C Platinum
The correct answer is Nitrogen.
Which smelly element has the atomic number 16?
A Bismuth
B Sulphur
C Ytterbium
The correct answer is Sulphur.
If a sign uses actual neon gas, it will glow…
A Blue-green
B Yellow-green
C Red-orange
The correct answer is Red-orange.

What did immortality-seeking alchemists create by mixing sulphur, charcoal and potassium nitrate?
A Soap
B Gunpowder
C Pepto-Bismol
The correct answer is Gunpowder.

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